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Kiwis and Aussies Travelling through Europe

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We are keen to get in contact from Kiwis or Aussies when have purchased a VAT free motorhome, toured through Eastern and western Europe and then exported the MH back to NZ / Aus.

My query is related to travel through non european countries with a VAT free MH.

Look forward to learning from your experiences.

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Evo - hi - I don't know, why should it make a difference?

Bumping it to see if anyone on here knows and can help you

Might be worth speaking to those in the military down under, as would have thought someone would have some info on it. Often it is a benefit the military have as a perk for serving overseas etc.

HM forces can get tax free motors, and then bring them into UK but there are rules about keeping them for so long and you cannot sell etc too soon otherwise the tax kicks in again.

Cannot help more than that...
Thanks Guys,

Still keen to find out if it is, or isn't a problem

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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