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leisure batteries 110amp or 125amp?

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Hello there. We've got to replace our leisure batteries on the motorhome. Everyone seems to have 110amp ones fitted as standard but could you fit 125amp and would it be worth it?

kind regaeds simon
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Welcome to MHF!

I couldn't; physically it wouldn't fit under the driver's seat. Whether it is worth it depends on one's needs and the extra cost. For me, I think around 330Ah is the "right" answer, based on theory and practice. Ultimately it is a compromise between price, weight, size and capacity vs demand.

Thanks Dave,

Obvious that i need to add more info. We are new to motorhoming. We've got the old burstner T610. It's fitted with 2 x 110ah batteries at present both of which need replacing. It has the option for a 3rd if required. We have 2 solar panels on roof for charging (sorry don't know what wattage. Where would i find that info on the panels). We have been informed that the bigger the amperage output from your leisure batteries the better. Is this true? Is there a way to calculate your requirements? Any info of assistance.

Dave you have stated that you think 330ah is about right, is that combined battery power or from a single battery and about right to run what?

kind regards simon

The supply side of the equation is an exact science (if complex). Unfortunately the demand side of the equation is not; it is variable throughout the year with the pattern of what you wish to do, in what weather conditions, using what equipment.

For example, this last weekend, with the van parked for 3 days, I could have got away with a trivially small battery. We didn't watch much TV, the only heating was for hot water twice a day, and the sun shone (for the solar panel).

But put me parked up for the same time in winter, with cold nights and dark evenings, and the diesel space heating whacking the batteries, along with extended satellite TV, lighting, etc, the temperature dropping the battery voltage, and you can easily give up and succumb to hookup, which is not always what you want.

However, more constructively, if you need to change batteries, if your van can accommodate 3 of them, and if you are not on the limit for payload, if you get the biggest capacity that will fit using identically new batteries, and your charging and discharging routines look after them, I can vouch you will never regret it.

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Have had campers for 30 years and have never had a leisure battery of more than85amps and have managed!Usually only stay in one place without hookup for a few days,would probably need bigger battery otherwise
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