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Leisure Battery

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:oops: Good evening to you all,whilst I am a newby I am not really one of you YET,at present I am making do with a wee "Toyota Townace" mpv. My query is this I wish to use a spare battery I have just aquired[75amp] for my lighting. As I understand it I can take a lead from an ignition controled source to a relay then on to the battery to keep it charged whilst on the move.If this is so [a] as I have a cigarete lighter in the back can I use this as a plug to connect the relay to, if so is there a specific size of wire I should use.I realise not having a "proper mobile "as yet puts me at a disadvantage with all you proper people but would be obliged if some kind soul would take pity on me with the answer to my question. Thank's in advance to who ever may answer me.
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Not wanting to hijack this thread but ........... In nice and simple terms(I'm not that good at electrics) would this set up be the same if I wanted to put another battery hooked up to my leasure battery :?:
:) :) :) :) :) This now confirms George has a sense of Humour :D :D :D :D
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