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LIDL satellite to?

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Despite following the instructions carefully. I can't get the system to tune in.

All that appears is a notice 'Signal is weak' I've checked the coax cable connections and all are in order. I'm trying to locate ASTRA satellite.

I've driven round the local villages and all sat aerials are pointing in the direction I have mine. Even tho' we are in the hills.

Am I doing something wrong, or am I missing the obvious?

Any help gratefully received.

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I'm afraid that site hasn't made me any the wiser.

I'm still no further forward.

Thank you for trying to help.

Thank you Brambles for your info, I'll give it a try in the morning. I'm sure the kit must be OK, It's with the operator where the problem lies.

I'm still annoyed from my exploits earlier today, perhaps it will all fall into place on the morrow.

Despite following all instructions kindly given (gaspode Brambles johnsandywhite) I can not get any reading whatsoever on the quality bar, not even a quick's a consistent OO% . I have no way of checking if the dish is actually working or not. What do you think? any ideas?
Thank you

Extremely frustrated Texas

PS. Is it normal for the unit to smell ?
I've been doing just that for the last 15 mins johnsandywhite...however I'll give it another try, I just wish the quality meter would just even flicker, it would encourage me to stop thinking the dish is faulty.

As you say I have checked and refitted the connections more than once to try and eliminate any possible fault from that source. But I am not getting even the slightest increase in quality, it seems like there is no antenna attached. I have got a compass rigged up near the dish so I can accurately move it through the required areas...but NOTHING absolutely NOTHING in way of even a single % of quality increase. Is there any way of testing the dish or the grey LNB? unit that is fastened to it?


Thank you for your continued interest and help, sometimes the qualty disappears altogether. I'm waiting 'til all channels have been found to see what I can actually watch. Seems like the set needs fine tuning on some channels. There does appear to be a lot of German based channels.

I seem to have a choice of 3 sats Astra 1 2 and hotbird, my next question is. How do i get back to a full screen, as at the moment I've just got a small edit screen in the top right corner?

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