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LIDL satellite to?

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Despite following the instructions carefully. I can't get the system to tune in.

All that appears is a notice 'Signal is weak' I've checked the coax cable connections and all are in order. I'm trying to locate ASTRA satellite.

I've driven round the local villages and all sat aerials are pointing in the direction I have mine. Even tho' we are in the hills.

Am I doing something wrong, or am I missing the obvious?

Any help gratefully received.

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Hi Texas,

Can I jump back a bit and check a few things with you.

1. Are you going into installation menu to check for signals.
Do do this press Menu (black round button on remote) not the grey one below the 'text' printing.
When in the main menu, select installation (OK button) and enter password '0000'. You wil now get a screen showing the strength and quality.
Check strenth is 60ish . If you have no strength then connection to LNB is bad probably.
Next you ned to select the satellite you want to find - ASTRA2. You could also try astra1 or Eurobird if you have problems.
Next point dish at wher you think it needs to be, and look for quality bar rising.
You need 60ish (think 55 was mentioned by comag reply previously).

Now this may not mean you will get rid of the weak signal warning as now you need to select a channel that you can get on that satellite. So exit menus...exit exit exit .
I will post more later depending on how you get on now. Once you have a quaity signal on the installation menu you are almost done if not done.

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Hi Gaspode,

Sorry to hear you are having problems and agree people should not blame themselves. Its not easy setting up if you do not know how it all works and very easdy to lose settings and get confused as there are a lot of variables.
If you are getting a signal from other transponders then I would suggest your system is woking and something else is wrong, maybe not properly lined up, or you have not progamed reciever correctly. I would not put the unit in the fridge to cool down - when you take it out you wil get condensation forming on the circuits and could cause problems so you should wait 45 mins or so for unit to come back up to ambient temp and any condensation dry out begore switching on.

Anyway, as I mentioned am sure you will get ASTRA 2 again if you perservere...
good luck though as I know it is frustating.
If you are stuck in a menu use the exit button - bottom half of remote, upper right round button.

It could be you l not get a quality rating unless you have selected a channel that is on the satellite you are looking at - Thats the catch 22 that can throw you sometimes I think.

Signal strength shown is teh signal from the LNB. If it has a connection problem you will not get a signal strength.

Hope this helps some.
Hi Cariolgavin.
Lets jump back to square one an see if we can get you working.

You should have two signal bars. Strenghth and quality. Do you have a reading for Strength. That will show your LNB is connected.
Next, using the grey buttons below menu do you get a long list of channels?
(checking to see sytem has not been reset and memory for stations cleared out).
If you have no strength (not quality) then you have a problem with connections or LNB. (possibly with sytem setup for the LNB but unlikely unless you have been playing with them).
Hi, I was goping to come to that next.

It must be almost vertical (the front outer edge of the dish) in other words looks like it is aiming horizonally. Find your direction and move slowly from side to side about 10 degrees. If no signal, then tip back very slightly - very sightly and sweep again slowly..patience is required. repaeat agin and you wil get a dignal eventually. Might not be the satellite you want but is a start.
I am well aware it has all been mentioned before, I did mention I was going back to square 1. I have no intention of reading all the posts again - all I am doing is trying to help solve a problem but fortuately carolgavin has found what is wrong..fingers crossed. A little reinforcemnt of the basics does no harm and taking one step at a time so not to get side tracked sown the wrong path..

Carolgavin - hope you have had success this morning and I will now butt out on this topic and leave others to help unless you want to PM me.
Regards Jon.
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