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LIDL satellite to?

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Despite following the instructions carefully. I can't get the system to tune in.

All that appears is a notice 'Signal is weak' I've checked the coax cable connections and all are in order. I'm trying to locate ASTRA satellite.

I've driven round the local villages and all sat aerials are pointing in the direction I have mine. Even tho' we are in the hills.

Am I doing something wrong, or am I missing the obvious?

Any help gratefully received.

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8O :? Wouldn't help much if he is parked on a slope. Also if he has got the wrong Satellite postion for the channels he trying to look at.he has no chance what so ever. :roll:
LIDL Satellite to?

Hi carolgavin,
I've just found this thread. Have you had any success with the Sat. Eddie set it up inside the house, dish at the window, and got a great signal in a short space of time. Mind you he hasn't tried it on the van yet :roll:
Hello, Tried setting up my system to no avail. Yesterday went to a friends house who has a satellite finder and compass. With the use of these two items found the whole system very easy to set up and get brilliant picture. Have now ordered satellite finder and compass to compliment the system bought from Lidl. Hope I have same success when away in the van.
Hi Carolgavin

Well I have been all the way to Italy and back since last contributing, I didn't expect to find this thread still live on my return. I know it's no comfort to you but I can report that we picked up Astra 2 BBC signal well down into Italy using this receiver (although admittedly with a mini-dish).
I may have suggested this before but will make the suggestion again. If you have a Sky system in the house (sounds as if you have) then connect the wire from the Sky LNB to the Lidl receiver (switch off first to avoid short circuits) then connect the Lidl scart to your TV. Select Astra 2 as your satellite and you should see a strong quality signal and receive all the BBC programmes. If this works then you know your receiver is OK and that your problem is with your setup of the dish.
As an observation on recent comments about dish inclination, in Scotland you may actually need to have the dish at a negative angle to point it at the satellite.

Wishing you success in the end

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buy a sat meter from maplins, the sat dish from lidl has to be spot on
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