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Mother always taught me to switch off the lights and close the door after i had finished in a room.
Following her precepts i always log off a site after i have finished mythering.
But I can no longer log off this site.

Might it be that because i had a great difficulty in rejoining and Mr Nuke brought me back on board i have assumed some of his personality?
I now have a signature which i dont understand and a pathway leading me to Nuke's Beach photos. Left the signature in.

Anybody help?
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I never logoff.
If I want to leave I just click the red cross in the corner or simply put another url in through my favourites list. You're 'not leaving the light on' if you go to another site through your browser favourites.
I come in through favourites and that way don't need to log in when I get to the site.
Thank you Gillian :it is simply that i am mindfull of security and as bank sites make such a palaver about logging out i felt it was of some import.

Still doesnt explain why if there is a log off button i can't. How Hum
lol i think this was caused by me clicking on the link you fwded to activate your account :)

AOL in all it wisdom seems to wrap any long urls in emails so any aol users get an activation url that when clicked only sends a partial url to their browser.

Note to self, update activation email to say that 8O
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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