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Long-term living motorhome insurance

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I am buying a Burstner T625 and am looking for insurance. I am selling my home and intend to live in the Burstner for about a year, mainly travelling around Europe - a wrinkly gap year! Can anyone tell me where I can get insurance? All companies I have tried want a permenant address in UK and will not insure for longer than 90 days.
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Hi this has been discussed before, and unless someone knows different, at the present time no insurer will cover you fulltime in a motorhome.

Fulltimers lie about their status, and give an address of a friend or relative to get insurance.

Some companies will give you fulltiming insurance. I had it last year and will be getting it again next year. It is extortionately priced though so watch out.

I can't remember who I got mine off last year off the top of my head but I am sure someone will be along shortly with a few suggestions.

I paid £1,400 for mine last time up from £450.

I just remembered who I got mine off. It was Comfort and not last year the year before.


Our motorhome insurance is with Safeguard and covers us for 365 days a year European travel but we do have a UK address and I guess that would be mandatory for UK vehicle insurance.

Travel insurance is more difficult and we have to take out specific trip cover when abroad, most annual policies limit the number of trips and the length of each. You need to be registered with a UK GP. In theory this is a problem in itself as NHS guidelines say that you should de-register if you are going abroad fro three months or more! The saving grace here is that these are guidelines to the GP and he doesn't have to follow them. You need to play it by ear. Medication can also be a problem as NHS guidelines say that presctiptions should normally be for less than three months. Talk to your GP to find a way round this - it tends to be easier now that pharmacies are managing repeat prescriptions.

There is usually a way round these problems, just be creative.

Hi Topsy

Our full time insurance was done through the camping and caravanning club. They had to write a special section into the policy stating that we lived full time in our motorhome, carried all our worldly possessions in it and did not own a property in the UK, (the only address we had was our daughter's house for postal purposes only).

We wanted to be absolutely certain that we were legally covered and that should anything untoward happen to our motorhome that we would be completely covered by insurance. (It is true that many fulltimers we spoke to whilst on our travels were not telling the whole truth about their circumstances.) Our premium was around £1,200 per year

Hope this helps.

Hi Try SAGA if you are over 50. Mine's insured 365 abroad.Could always use C/O address of relative
Without an address and postcode, no insurer will insure you, that's why people with out bricks and mortar have to lie, and give an address of a friend or relative.

This has just been discussed on another site, and a number of fulltimers have confirmed this. Comfort were mentioned, and they don't do it.

I don't have any personal experience myself, only quoting what other fulltimers without a permanent UK address have posted.

I will post on their about the CCC's and see if anybody else has tried them.

I've moved this to Fulltiming chat - seems more appropriate than Hobby?
olley said:
Without an address and postcode, no insurer will insure you, that's why people with out bricks and mortar have to lie, and give an address of a friend or relative.
That's why we went into the situation in such great detail with the Camping and Caravan Club - we didn't want to lie and find that we weren't covered after all in the event of a claim, which is a real risk that a lot of people are running by not being truthful. The premium reflected the fact that we were fulltiming but we felt it was well worth it for our peace of mind. It all took quite a lot of negotiating but eventually we were able to insure our motorhome for fulltiming without having a permanent address
and, more importantly to us, without having to lie.

It would seem, as usual, that you pay your money and you make the choice.

Motorhome Insurance

There was an article on motorhome insurance earlier this year in one of the motorhome magazines. They compared maybe 20 or so different policies from various brokers. And there was a mention on how to get cover for full timing.

I'm sure that I read that some insurance companies did cover full timing, using their own company address when a UK address was required.

Perhaps someone might remember when and where this appeared, it was several pages long.
We researched this to death before we left. There seems to be a lot of nonsense talked about insurance, although it does depend on specific circumstances.Your vehicle surely MUST be registered to a UK address, thus this should be the address for the insurance, whether it's a friend or relative doesn't usually matter, as long as its consistent and you're on the electoral roll at that address.

We insured with Safeguard, who DO offer 365 days cover for almost all of Europe with a few exceptions like Albania. I think it was about £450.

We also took out travel insurance from Endsleigh, who do a "gap year" policy. It's aimed at students really but there's no age limit. It's valid for up to one year but expires if you return to the UK.

The limits of cover may not be sufficient for full-timers eg max single item is £300 but we took it out really for the medical cover.

Hope this helps.
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