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Loo disposal in France

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We're about to enbark on our first MH trip abroad so can anyone tell me whether there are loo disposal facilities anywhere other than offical sites eg. service stations/ rest areas etc.
Any advice would be appreciated
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Oops! Sorry that's hardly a Ford Chassis topic!! Haven'y yet got up to speed using the forum system
I assume by " rest areas" you mean aire de service camping cars aka aire de repos ?

Many campsites offer an Acceuil Camping Car service where you can stay overnight on a designated area with no facilities ( ie no electricity, grass pitch etc) but can also call in and use their loo and waste water dump and water point. This is for a smaller than normal fee ( 8-10 euros per night is standard) The same applies in some sites in Italy. Some will let you dump only for nothing but always ask at Reception. Some have their borne outside the campsite proper and you buy a token ( jeton) from Reception- normally 1-2 euros. this gives you access to water ( 100-200 litres) and loo dump and water for loo rinsing and grey water dump. Some do not charge at all for this.

If you look on the website of the autoroutes of France you will find that some of the autoroute companies list the facilities available at the various autoroute service stations they control - and this includes, if applicable, the motorhome service points ( often called bornes) They are usually advertised on the signs as you approach a service area using the standard pictogram of a blue motorhome dumping. Some are free, some need a jeton normally from the petrol station.

Some municipalities and towns provide a small MH service area where you can do all the necessary but not stay overnight. Again, often free but sometimes a jeton from the tourist office or town hall ( maire) is necessary.

If you are really stuck then there are always public loos. There is no chemical or biological reason why you should not dump the loo contents if you use one of the " green"- ie non-formaldehyde- loo fluids but it is not a popular thing to do if the loos are busy. Choose a quiet time and take paper towels or kitchen wipe etc to wipe away splashes. A disadvantage here is that you can't rinse out the loo - DON'T do it under their washbasin taps !

It isn't normally a problem...

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Thanks very much for that very comprehensive response. Will study and inwardly digest!
Best regards,
We have just returned from France and the Moselle and, on one Stellplatze in Pochl discovered that everything worked off 50cent pieces. In desperation, because we had every coin but, we used grey water to rinse out the cassette. Worked perfectly well. We have seen lots of savvy Dutch, German and Frence MHs do likewise.
Well I put a search in Google and this is what I found --

and there we are under searches at the bottom of the page our very own Peejay, click on his link and it will tell you with pictures all you need to know.

Good luck
We have just returned from a 1800 mile round trip in France. Our experience of the Aires was very mixed: there is a very extensive network and the the ones with free services were good but the ones where payment was required were, in the main (6 out of 7) , broken.
Quite a few supermarkets advertised the facility but, in fact, all they provide was parking. The one exception seems to be new "Super U" supermakets.
In our experience you can dump for free anywhere at aires - no town wants random emptying. Carry some water in a couple of bottles to wash out your loo.
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