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Looking for a good freestanding awning WHAT TYPE?

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Something that woulg go onto the side of our motorhome without attatchment as we dont have the awning bar on the side of our mh

any ideas for websites?
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we have just aquired a second hand VENTURA free standing awning, they have their own web site with pictures and assembly diagrams and dimensions, we have only assembled this in the garden but looks like it will be ideal for what we want, on our ducato swift sundance 590. hope this helps. :)
We have a Ventura Freestander which is excellent but the steel poles are too heavy/bulky for our new van and we are thinking of selling.

Details are here

We are near Newark Nottinghamshire. Let me know if you are interested
Have you thought of the likes of Khyamn Motordomes or Movelite? They have throw over straps, so the need for the rail is negated.

We have a Movelite, and it's idea for the 4 of us. With the light fiberglass poles it's ideal for storage, and herself timed us this weekend at 10 minutes to glass of wine from a standing start!
Have a look at this website

It has lots of awning info and the owners are v knowledgeable and friendly.


We have a Ventura Freestander and love it. (They come in 2 heights and we have the taller one) Couldn't recommend it highly enough. Have tried other lighterweight types previously but, for us, they don't compare. Obviously there are a lot of happy folks out there with the lighter types they are very popular but ... horses for courses.
We don't have a fitting on side of van either, and in any case would not want to be permanently attached, preferring freedom to come and go, however, the Freestander is tall enough for us to open van door without fouling so we can either leave it completely unattached or in extremely inclement weather throw the very neat apron over the van and fix it with guy ropes on other side of van. A very neat apron and tunnel and what's more, it fits! Excellent quality as one would expect from Isabella (mother company).

Our van is A class Hymer, 2.90m high.

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Just dug out a photo. Taken in the Lakes - day before it had poured down hence attached. We also have annex attached sometimes when we have family staying with us.


PS Aftersales service from Isabella/Ventura is excellent.

Have a look at your link what are you telling us :oops:

Best Regards
Thank you for all the useful advice ... much appreciated
Tony :wink:
Oops. Thanks Broom. Losing the plot - it has been a while since I accessed site. It should be Also messed up attaching photo of awning. Hmm. Foggy day yesterday!

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