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Hello. I've had my Ducato Tribano Tribute for 4 years, it was first registered March 2008. Nothing in my paperwork, or on the vehicle, tells me so, but I'm assuming it's a 550, as it doesn't correspond with the 650 detailed here (although the control panel shown is the same):

Unfortunately, just after I got him (Harvey - cos he's an RV!), my then months old puppy decided to try her shiny new teeth out on the user manual! Just wondering if anyone could provide me with a copy, if they have a user manual with the front as per attached. Have also attached one of Maisie's efforts to show what I'm dealing with! Working back from the first one that she didn't chew the page number off, that should be page 9.

My leisure battery appears to be flat, but I can't find where it is; I think Maisie must have eaten that bit!

I have tried to register with but not yet had my registration activated. Was hoping for a fairly quick response, so thought I'd try here as well, just in case there's someone out there who can help.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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