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I thought the hub meter was down to the tyre contract companies as they lease the tyres to the bus company based on mileage??

The stage carriage distances can be calculated easily as every service covers an identical distance every day? Stage carriage drivers don't record distances at all. The only time a driver is required to record the reading is when completing a tachograph for private hire work or signing the bus out of the depot in the morning.

The companies I drove for the bus left the depot in the morning with a running board which dictated where the bus would be roughly every 6 minutes of the day, right through until it returned to the depot at night. Every route has to be registered with the traffic commisioners and operated properly to qualify for the fuel rebate. A few companies have had their rebate withheld due to failing to provide an adequate service.

The ticket machine has a module in it which records the tickets and progress of the bus throughout the day. Everytime the bus passes a set point the driver presses the stage button to record the progress of the bus. These records are downloaded onto a computer system at the end of the day and used to analyse the money due as well as the correct movements of the vehicle.

I got hauled into the office one day as I had covered a service I had never been trained for and did not know the correct fare stages. According to the computer I travelled 12 miles in 35 seconds :oops: I explained I did not know the route and the fare stages. But they had a nice print out of all the key strokes and times from my ticket machine.
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