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Hi All
Hymer B544 1988 on ducato chasis with Peugot engine (talbot express equivalent I beleive).

Last weekend I began to experience a loss of brake servo assistance at low speeds. At cruising speed on the motorway a press of the pedal felt as normal but on a slip road, as the 'van came to a halt the brakes were rock solid and needed a fair amount of wellie to stop it at all.

Here's what I've done so far. The mechanical pump on the end of the crankshaft - I've removed and checked both those pipes. I've also done my best to see if they're collapsng when the engine is running under suction but a bit too close to the alternator drive pulleys for my liking so haven't done a full check although they seem ok.

I checked the air filter and eventually removed it and ran the engine so it isn't lack of throughflow via the filter.

If I remove the pipe to the servo, where it actually goes into the servo and put my thumb on it it has enough suction to grip my thumb lightly but I'm not sure how much suction there should be.

In short, I've tried all the ideas I have following some research and I'm down to either the pump on the end of the crank (is that enough suck?) or the servo itself.

Any help appreciated.

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