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Loss of channels on Maplin suitcase sat system

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Recently whilst in Scotland the SL65/12 receiver did not pick up any "English" channels e.g. BBC.
Tried again when back home today and I can only receive BBC World.
In Scotland the receiver reported no signal for the English channels although there were hundreds of foreign channels, so I thought I was possibly looking at the wrong satellite.
Today I was definitely on the correct satellite but the scan did not find any other BBC channels other than BBC World in English and Arabic.
Is it likely the receiver is faulty.
I have a Sky digital box not in use at the moment, is it worth trying this to check?
Any help appreciated.

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Sat System

Hi Clive,

Similar kind of story. Went to a campsite in Oban this week and hauled out my Maplin system - first time used since Sicily in January.

Using a Sky box and home card, up and running in two minutes. Took it down following morning to go shopping knowing it would only take a couple of minutes to set up on return.

Set it up and despite best ever signal and quality, no sound or picture.
Eventually decided it was on wrong satellite and after shifting it further east, back to lower signal and quality but with a brilliant picture and sound.

I believe you can manually select the other satellite by punching in the appropriate numbers on the remote/receiver so will check it out at home.

Hope this helps,

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You're definitely on the wrong satellite (Astra 1) it's very easily done. Make sure that before you go into the tuning screen, the program is set for BBC1 London then if you get a signal tone without a BBC1 picture, keep turning the dish East until you reach the next signal tone.
Also remember that Scotland is not at the same signal strength as England / wales.... Even Sky always instructed a larger dish to be fitted..
So is you are using a small 35cm dish then you may struggle at times and it also makes alignment harder....
Thanks for the replies.
I was using BBC 1 London for finding the satellite.
Tried again last night but still having same problem.Maybe I am being too hasty and missing the signal.
Will try again whilst I am away.
BBC world is (I think) an Astra 1 channel.

From Astra 1 you need to be down and left (from behind the dish) ever so slightly to fnd astra 2

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