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I had a look through these items a couple of days ago and noticed the small oven. I had just purchased a similar oven from Argos but mine was made by Tefal and didn't have the griddle at the top or the rotisserie. I decided to go for the one on Ebay and return the Argos one. Received the Ebay one the following day and am highly delighted. It is far more substantial than the Tefal one, more bits with it, better designed all round and cheaper. Thanks a lot for this information, with your help I have found just what I had been looking for as I don't like Microwaves much, preferring to cook the old fashioned way, even on holiday!
If anyone else is thinking of buying one it is a safe buy, they are brand new and in perfect condition, with full instructions and a guarantee. Made in England. The only thing to take into account is that they get very hot on the outside but they would not being as substantial as a normal cooker. The advantage is that they are not heavy. We have made a hinged shelf for it to sit on when in use and when it isn't can stick it anywhere that we can find a bit of space (it cools in minutes)- under a bed, in a wardrobe etc. :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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