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LPG bulk vapour tanks

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Having researched all the ins and outs of refillable LPG tanks I decided to make a purchase from MTH Autogas. Last October on a trip return journey I drove to the Forest of Dean to the address of MTH Autogas and found that they had just closed down and ceased trading. Subsequently I trawled the internet and called many suppliers of bulk tanks and equipment without much success in finding a supplier willing to deliver the correct sized tank and ancillary equipment off the shelf, and be able to offer a similar service, by way of advice etc, as previously was available from Richard Cecil at MTH.

We had decided that all our problems would be answered by the fitting of a refillable bulk tank thus:-

A larger volume available

Cheaper costs of the LPG

Making the existing gas locker available for storage

Instant knowledge of exactly how much LPG is in the tank

No necessity of manhandling heavy expensive replacement cylinders

The ability to refill overseas

Cost likely to be reclaimed by savings during the lifetime of our van.

Via the internet I found a company in Caernarfon and posted on Mhf to see if anyone had any experience with them. I received not one reply in respect of that company so, albeit with some hesitation, contacted them. The result was very positive and the knowledge and assistance beyond reproach. FES (Farrow Engineering Services) Autogas is run by Nick Farrow who has an in depth knowledge of all things LPG, and, also a motor homer himself and a MHF member too.

FES do not offer a fitting service but carry massive stocks of tanks and equipment (supplying many manufacturers whom we all know very well) and are able to specify and supply everything needed for an installation down to every last fitting, hoses and accessories.

Surprisingly after the original disappointment regarding MTH I found a supplier with the knowledge and stock availability to supply everything to economically obtain all the equipment to enable a local skilled fitter to install a new bulk system.

I chose a 38 litre tank that comes with the fixing legs already welded to it thus obviating the need for a frame. This proved an advantage in fitting to the underside of our panel van. This tank, at 80% holds 30 litres, at the time of first filling "draught Calor gas" cost £0.62p / litre and bottled Calor cost £1.38 / litre (6kg rate). I have yet to explore the 10% VAT saving.

Anyone interested in this should also read Clive Motts' fantastic write up headed GASKIT

Good luck

Peter D

P.S. I have no affiliation or personal relation with the above company and am just sharing my own opinion and experience, hopefully, for the benefit of others.
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Many thanks Peter D for this informative article which confirms my thoughts about what to do when I collect my new LWB Ducato based Devon Aztec in July. I had found this company on the internet but it is good to have you confirm that it is probably worthwhile making the long trip over to them to confirm all the bits required . I am confident about fitting it all myself as long as I can get them to help me choose the tank and its positioning,and support method . Stewart A.
I would like to do fit a fillable tank and had pretty much decided on 2 x 6KG Gaslow bottles. My gas bottles sit under a bench seat with no external door, so only sufficient room for smaller sized bottles and regulator. Would you mind indicating (a) how much the set up cost and (b) how easy/difficult was it to fit? Have tried the link but not getting any response just now.

Very interesting post Peter.

Your URLs don't work though :oops: :oops: , so I'll fix them for you.

Dave :D :D
Gas bulk tank fitting

[ 8) Hi its jmplim again ,ref to dipsticks research on tank supplyers and fittings etc, I had the same problem and by pure chance was on business in thirsk nrth yorks (Carlton Miniott) Came across Autogas 2000 ltd.They have a very good stock of all the requirments needed .They were incredibly helpful.I fitted the tank myself but had to make a frame to enable it to bolt on to the side of the chassis.I t wasnt a problem to me as I am of engineering stock.But Autogas would have fitted it if I so wished.The cost I thought very reasonable Just under £300 Plus the frame material etc This included all the bits and pieces.I used the 40ltr tank Which is bigger than you might think. Of course there is the dreaded VAT. Which increases the cost ( But someone has to pay there expenses dont we) I do not have any link with Autogas only the fact That I was very pleased with them .
Ps The tank was supplied with a LPG test certificate and 18month manufacturers warranty.

Email: [email protected]

Jim :lol:
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proberbly the best investment you will make in terms of cost/ease of refilling/time and of course availability
I too bought a bulk gas tank from Autogas 2000 and also found them to be very helpful and practical.

When I looked around I was very surprised to see the large variety of tanks/shapes/sizes that will fit almost any vehicle, large or small. The idea of tucking the tank away underneath could be a real bonus for folks with limited storage space thus leaving the designated gas locker free to fill with whatver.

It should not work out any more expensive than fitting refillable bottles but could result in greater gas capacity.

Certainly anyone considering refillable should explore bulk gas tanks as an alternative
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