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ThursdaysChild said:
Sorry you didn't think much of the city, DJM.
We have twice taken the tourist mini-train ( once by ourselves and once with g/children ) which not only winds in and out of the old city and the fortifications, but relates the fascinating history of conflicts over the centuries.
A visit to the Arch ducal ( Grand ducal ?) palace is a revelation of the lifestyle of the aristocracy in the not so distant past.
where can I find the train details for alzingen please

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Zozzer said:
Stanner said:
DJMotorhomer said:
very much like Manchester
Exactly WHICH "Manchester" are we talking about.
Well considering this is a UK based forum, I suggest 99% of the members would have come up with the correct answer.
Well I would suggest that 99% of members who have visited both cities would have little difficulty telling one from the other - my eyesight is certainly good enough to do so.

For a start I don't recall Manchester having a gorge running through the middle of it - some of the outlying business districts might have a passing similarity, but the city centres (the bit most people go to see) are somewhat different.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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