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What sort of time would you need if leaving evesham to go to the channel tunnel via the M40 M25 M26 M20 i know its like how long is a peace of string . or is there a better time to travel it Edgar
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I'd leave about 4.30am for a ticket timed anytime after 2pm
Or about 11am for an early/late evening chunnel trip.

You don't vwant to be between say Junc 11 M40 and start of M20 between 7.30am and 10am or between 3.30pm and 7pm

Hope that makes sense?? :lol:

Or even do it in a couple of days :wink:
Being a born-again worrier - and having done that route over many years- we always go the night before. There are so many places on any of those motorways where, even in what passes for a slack time, you can be held up by an accident - as we were on the return journey.

It's a stressful enough drive at the best of times without having the pressure of a ferry sailing to meet.

We've just discovered Canterbury aire and it made a very good night stop for us in early April with a park and ride bus into town for last minute shopping and a meal at the pub at the car park entrance in the evening.

Thats great the AA autoroute gave 3.06hrs for the trip i was thinking more like 6to7 but i think ill go the night before for a morning crossing Thanks Edd
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