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paddy and the genie

paddy is walking along the beach and he see's an old bottle. H e picks it up and takes the stopper off.
A genie appears and says " Thanks Paddy. II've been stuck in there for 400 years. As a reward you can have 3 wishes. Anything you want"
Paddy thinks and thinks but doesn't come up with anything.
"Paddy, do you like a drink?"
"I do", says Paddy, " I like a drop of the Guiness".
The genie snaps his fingers and a Bottle of guiness appears.
Paddy takes a drink. "that's perfect" he says "just the right temprature".
"and" says the genie " it will never be empty". Paddy looks and sure enough, the bottle has refilled itself
"Begob" says paddy, " that's great. Oi'll have another 2 of them".
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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