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magnetic triangles

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where can i buy magnetic triangles to place on the back of the car when towing on the a frame pleaes cheers maurice
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Not seen any magnetic ones, most seem to make a bracket and put it inside the rear window, they also don't get nicked that way.

I bought standard triangles from a car accessory shop and fixed them to the car with double sided tape, my towed car was a Smart, which dose not have metal body panels.



I have two of these triangles - I have no ideal what they are worth - so how about a tenner to include postage?

Here is a pic - I have just stuck them on the car for the sake of the photo. The offer to sell them is to the opening poster initially.



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I use the standard plastic ones available from any motor factors on my Smart. I attach them using hook & loop (velcro) some touch up paint & painted them to match car, when the triangles aren't on they're hardly noticable
I've got a pair 8O 8O 8O
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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