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Go for it and good luck! :)

I would say, re the question of head or heart, follow your heart - if your head can back it up, so much the better - but let your heart choose what your head should look at.

In 2001 Ern and I moved in together, a fortnight later I said, "Lets buy a camper van" - haven't a clue where the idea came from, neither of us had ever wanted one, or even been camping or caravanning since childhood (when I'd detested it). We bought one within a couple of weeks and have never looked back - it's turned us from two stay-at-home, never-been-anywhere miseries into frantic travellers who are trying to see the whole of UK and Ireland as best we can. Wider Europe will be next :lol:

Another snap decision came two years ago. Browsing on the internet for price of houses (quite happy with where we lived) and found them to be enticingly cheap in South Wales - drove over to have a look, loved the place and put our house on the market and subsequently moved here with a bit of extra capital to finance the travel - couldn't be happier - it's a lovely place to live. Would love to travel for longer spells but at the moment my son's health doesn't allow me to be away for extended periods.

Wishing you all the very best - don't forget to budget for that internet connection so you can tell us where you are :lol:

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