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I'm not the impulsive type, and thought about what best to do regarding retirement.
Eventually, I decided that I would take early retirement at 57 and accept a lower pension in return for a better quality of life - albeit not such an affluent one.

We live relatively well, and want for nothing essential, but if we want a large item (e.g a new car), we first have to ask if we really need - or even want it. If we do, then we have to plan for it and not just go out and get it.

If you can get used to a less aquisitive lifestyle, and don't need frequent periods of Retail Therapy - then go for it.

It was the best move I made, and there is very little that I really want.

Nevertheless, IMO it is essential to look forward and try to predict if the lifestyle intend living is viable in the long tem.

Anyway - Best of Luck!!!!!
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