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Maker Heights Rally - Cancelled!

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Hi Ian and all interested in the Maker Heights Rally,

I am terribly sorry to have to do this but I am afraid we have ahd to call off the Maker Heights Rally.

It is not a problem of MHF it is a problem of the Trust's connected with Insurance.

I really am disappointed about this.


PS. If it is possible could this be made a sticky to give those who have expressed interest a chance to see it.
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TheOggies said:
Somewhere around the New Forest would be ideal nudge nudge :wink: :wink:
New Forest, Portsmouth, Bournemouth areas would suit us fine. Must admit that having now twice rearranged our commitment to travel to Cornwall on the same weekend would probably be a no. I have now a commitment in the Poole area theat Friday/Saturday. so local as stated above .

LadyJ894 said:
Filey Briggs nice Johnsandywhite but its nowhere near Portsmouth :lol: I favour Portsmouth area also Chris :D but havent a clue where we could have a meet there unless we all book onto Southsea Leisure Park and that is a bit expensive, will have a hunt through all my books see if I can come up with anything in that area. I know Motorhomer lives down that way maybe she has some ideas.
The only place I know of at the moment and only after beginning of October is the Royal Victoria Country Park. The summer season months are booked up months & months in advance. Unfortunately I dont live that side of the Solent but on the edge of the new Forest.

1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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