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Manchester Show at GMex

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What a disaster, now I know Manchester well so am not a stranger to the area.

The NCP people didnt turn the full signs on for the underground car park and cars were feeding through very slow (30mins from entry to exit) and on going out desevably the kiosk people were sending you accross road to another with bags of space, same story there Full but signs showing spaces, so exit again and off to my good old reliable spot.

Went in, and I must say we stopped going a couple of years ago cos whilst it was supposed to have M-Homes there, they were hard to find. People assured me last year, more van you must go.

This year we got some freeby tickets from CC so off we went,
Not many Motorhomes there so to our Lancashire and North Wales contingent who may think, we will go and have a look, save the fuel and forget it. Longer distance travelers - dont

OK if you are a tugger though
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We went on Sunday; parking easy straight in to one a short stroll from G-Mex at only £6 for the day - instead of £9 at the official one practically next door. Plenty of spaces.

Bought 2 rubber brushes for cleaning out the motorcaravan (BOGOF so one will come in handy at home)

Got enough blue loo stuff to last about 3 years (Towsure BOGOF) & a couple of gas canisters for the Campingaz light - 60p each, half the price of Campingaz but the chap on the Towsure stand assured me they will fit.

Got a good deal on the motorcaravan awning off the Glossop caravans stand (NR) but had to wait till the end of the day to collect it.

Kids weren't impressed as not as much to do as at the NEC when we went last year but I enjoyed the day. Looked at quite a few motorhomes, bit disappointed there weren't more van conversions, but I fell in love with the new Adria Win - 3 berth, suit us fine.

Downside was G-Mex isn't well sign posted - found it by following 2 cars in front with towballs on! Got really lost coming out of Manchester as M62 not well signed either, but made it home in the end.
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