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Manchester Show at GMex

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What a disaster, now I know Manchester well so am not a stranger to the area.

The NCP people didnt turn the full signs on for the underground car park and cars were feeding through very slow (30mins from entry to exit) and on going out desevably the kiosk people were sending you accross road to another with bags of space, same story there Full but signs showing spaces, so exit again and off to my good old reliable spot.

Went in, and I must say we stopped going a couple of years ago cos whilst it was supposed to have M-Homes there, they were hard to find. People assured me last year, more van you must go.

This year we got some freeby tickets from CC so off we went,
Not many Motorhomes there so to our Lancashire and North Wales contingent who may think, we will go and have a look, save the fuel and forget it. Longer distance travelers - dont

OK if you are a tugger though
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1. No didnt take any pictures, what m-homes were there were cramped in small spaces with loads of people looking cos of the few on display - I would have taken had the show been a bit better, had camera with me.

2. As twooks said you are in and out within a couple of hours (if you can stretch it out that long

3. Good point - no statics as there was last time we went.

4. Accessories, The Skillet lady is there, Towsure have a stand but not as comprehensively stocked as in previous occasions, less small stuff and more big box stuff. Fiamma on Camperlands stand, and as far as motorhomers are concerned (IMO) the rest were just junk stuff. I have no problem with non camping related suppliers (beds/chairs etc) being at these show as they obviously pay the piper but there needs to be a good selection of accessory stands as well and there aint.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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