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Maplins Reversing Camera £129.00 Excellent!!!!

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Hi everyone,

Just thought I would let you know that I bought the above yesterday, it's a proper colour camera, like a CCTV type with night vision as well.

Really easy to fit and picture quality is excellent at £129.00 it seems really good value for money.

Wirless technology is so much better now.

No I don't work for Maplins but thought that a god product deserves Forum space.


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Maplins Reversing Camera

Sound great, what screen size and where did you buy it?
Re: Maplins Reversing Camera

RVNUT said:
Sound great, what screen size and where did you buy it?

Looks like quite a good piece of kit.

Just a quick question. Is there facility to mount the camera near the roof of the MH looking down so that things such as bike racks are in view? As I see it (based on the Maplin info) the camera fits on the number plate looking directly backwards. If this is the case, would you be able to see a bike rack whilst reversing??
i bought one of these a fortnight ago when they where on offer at £89.99 , someone on here had put up a post that if you paid by paypal you could get an extra £10 off anything over £75, i printed the offer coupon and took it to the shop and got the extra £10 of when i paid.

to cut a long story short, i fitted it the screen and camera, powered up and nothing but a snowy screen then picture then snow, i remove it all and took it back for a refund, i have since bought a hard wired set up with a 7" moniter all fitted and perfect picture on the screen from the camera, glad yours is working ok
I saw this advertised at £89.99 - on offer - until 5th May.

I went to Maplins over the bank holiday weekend to purchase, only to find the offer finished 30th April - they refused to honour the advertised price within the advertised offer date.

Needless to say, I did not purchase!

The unit looks good, but if they can afford to sell at £89.99, then I am loathe to purchase at £40 more!
I bought one fitted it powered up and got a brilliant picture of mh viewing from the front of bungalow. Camera was picking uo signal from wireless cctv on bungalow. I had to scratch my head for a second or two

Dave p

I bought the same one a few months ago and at first the picture was snowy, I then drilled a hole through the back of the van and put the end of the attenna cable inside the rear washroom. It now works okay.
Good piece of info
Can you enlighten me on the power supply to the camera
Connect to side lights or number plate lights.
Then drive on sidelights and you will have camera on all the time ie rear view mirror

Dave P

I used the number plate light as it was convenient especially if you mount it onto the number plate as well.

Maplins have just reduced the reversing camera with 3.5" colour monitor down to £99.99 today (was £129.99 on their website on Monday :) )

I have just bought one but noticed that in tiny print on the box, but not in the instruction leaflet : "Not suitable for vehicles fitted with CAN-bus or other digital systems".

I am planning to fit it to a new Ducato and it seems most new vehicles use CAN-bus nowadays when I googled about it.

Has anyone installed one of these in a new van? (or used any of the cheaper parking sensors), and will taking the power off the reversing light connector cause a problem - or is it just a CYA statement by the manufacturers. I guess I could just wire it in from the leisure battery with a dashboard switch for when it's required :)

I have looked at the more expensive ones but you can pay megabucks for some camera systems ok - buy cheap . . . etc but the Maplin one looks reasonable and some of you are happy with it.

I don't plan to use it as a rear view mirror replacement.

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This is a wireless system and is highly unlikely to intefere with your Canbus system - If it did then those CCTV frequencies would as well....

I have fitted the cheap reversing sensors from eBay and they are superb - Don't bother wiring anything to the front of the van, just stick the box of electronics in a cupboard at the back, it's plenty loud enough!

The sidelight idea is brilliant! I already have a hardwired system from a camera fitted into the bumper which feeds to one of those slide out chinese TV screens up front. Using the wireless job as well I can monitor a trailer if fitted.
I have one of these, however, my Motorhome is 21 feet long (due to rear storage box and bike rack) and reception / picture quality is snowy due to receiver being in the cab. Is there anyway I can increase the length of the aerial (wire from camera) or improve reception strength?

Thanks in advance!
Hi everyone

Well I did not expect such a response from the info on the camera.

It is true that the nearer you can get the wire antenna to the camera the better the picture, mine is in the rear cupbords above the rear window, excellent!

Mine has now been fitted for over a year, I have done in excess of 5000 miles, from Hampshire to Corsica, towing my jet ski all the way, I also have a GT40 that I race and have traveled all over the uk and Europe.

The camera is mounted on the back looking down at the trailers and it is constantly on whilst driving giving me a great picture so I do not have to keep stopping to check the trailer.

Very occasionally you do get a little interference but it is nothing really.

The only thing that can happen is if you are in a hot country, i.e. Corsica, if the camera gets very hot on the outside the picture quality suffers quite a lot, I am not sure why, perhaps someone can enlighten me, once it cools down, after about 20 mins it is fine again.

I recon for £129.00 it has been an absolute bargain, never let me down and been very, very useful, its still working now !!!


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Your post of today - 22.02.2010 is dated (Posted: 2009-05-12, 10:59:19) -what is the difference in the dates - did you buy camera recently or back in May 2009?
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