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Marquis Stock

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Yesterday I happened to browse on the new Marquis website. It's a vast improvement on their previous one and worth a look.

Now I know that Marquis are part of the same group of companies as Autosleeper but I couldn't figure out how they manage to have so much stock of used 1 and 2 year old Autosleepers with average miles for their age? They had loads of Trooper derivatives but there were other examples of the A/S range and the odd nearly new Autocruise model.

I can't believe that so many individual owners have chucked in year old vans and the only other possibility I can think of is that they're ex hire vehicles.


PS also noted that they have pdfs of magazine reports on their new ranges. Even one comparing a County series van with a Swift Kon-Tiki where the Swift was chosen by the tester as the better van. Can't make my mind up whether Marquis are very brave to put it on the website, or foolhardy.
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Many of them are used by the managers etc. for traveling between sites rather than using company cars. They are usually very well maintained and driven reasonably. No problems if you want a reduced price Trooper etc.
There are people that chop them in every year - not even the dealers can understand the logic, but aren't going to complain! They do make great bargains for the second owner - usually they have only been used a couple of times, expensive way of camping!!

Others will be ex-demonstrator vehicles, they have been driven up and down the area on test drives, driven to shows in the area so cannot be sold 'as new' - again they make for bargains!

Be very suprised if any are ex-hire fleet, they have a much longer life span than one year! Hire would be very expensive otherwise.

Find one you like and grab it! You will more than likely save the best part of ten grand, just for having a motorhome that has been driven about or slept in once or twice.
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