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Maxview - MXL006 - Omnisat Camping Kit

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hi every one has anyone ever used this type of satellite as i am thinking of buying one just for uk
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Basically the same as the one Aldi / Lidl are selling this week at £29.99!!!
Althought that price is exceptional and they have maybe run out by now..
However, a great starter kit. Dish can be a bit tricky on alignment and takes some practice.. But you can always keep the receiver and upgrade the dish later...
Look out for offers at Aldi, Lidl, maplins etc.. These kits are all the same and come via a company called Comag in Germany.. I know as I used to sell several 1,000's each year into the motorhome / camping trade until the supermarkets killed the prices .!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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