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Mercedes A150 Flat Battery! Help

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Hi all,

My mums new (to her) A150 merc had a flat battery this morning :(

Checked voltage at battery and its 7.5volts :( :(

Nothing has been left on overnight, and it was fine yesterday.

Does anyone know if there is a common fault on these things that causes this to happen - dodgy relay for example?

Lights and radio definitely off overnight, but car was unlocked this morning and mum assures me she locked it yesterday.

Finally, will disconnecting the battery cause immobiliser or radio codes to disappear, as i don't think we have them? :( :(

Thanks in advance,


ps tried ctrl alt delete, but it didn't work! :p :p
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See if the battery will take a charge, if it goes flat again, more than likely its a dud.

Thanks Peter,

I have jump started it as per the instructions in the book, and given it a wee run.

Just seems strange that it started no problem yesterday but was totally goosed this morning.

I put a new battery in the old 190 merc recently and its about the same size, so may swap them over.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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