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MH Cleaning Etiquette

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Apologies if this has been explored previously.

It's fly killing season, and despite being armed with a hundred weight of baby wipes, infinitely more microfibre cloths than I know what to do with, and the rainbow colours of "body exfoliators" (J9 and i call them "poofs" although that might me politically as well as grammatically incorrect!) there comes a time when one just needs to clean one's pride and joy (and the motorhome at the same time!).

What I want to know, is whether there is an etiquette for cleaning up on site? I can easily shampoo the whole vehicle from a bucket, but is it ok to do this while pitched up? With regard to pre-rinse or post-rinse, what do you do?Is it ok to hook up to a campsite tap? What about when touring abroad?

Everyone else MH always looks sparkly clean, while "Patch" is covered in muck and mayflies.

Interested to hear what others do.


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mh cleaning


Apart from the cleaning the wind screen you must never ever wash the MH on site.

It sets a bad example, weeks ends away are for relaxation not spending precious hours washing vans

If it rains on the way home you will have completely wasted your time as what the rain will not have washed off it will at least have soften up.

Les :wink: :wink:
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Hi Timotei!

Careful now! :roll: :wink: Later this week, I shall give Our Coral her final all-over wash and polish. Then she'll be on the road for five days before arriving at Amboise for the Brass Bands.

I know she'll be covered in the blood and g*ts of many rapidly retired flying insects. I know she'll look a mess...

... but only at the front, on the bonnet and windscreen, and the overcab pod and the side shoulders.

I can't do a lot about any mess high up but a bowl of water and some elbow grease used discreetly will remove the mess that folk might see. I say discreetly because many folk would not wish to find themselves parked-up next to a giant car wash!! :roll: Yes, I shall keep the windscreen clean for safety's sake!

I'm going to be on holiday, for six weeks, so there are certain chores that will be ignored, neglected, forgotten about... I certainly won't be taking a motorhome cleaning kit or jet power washer! I'll clean what I have to - discreetly. Anything else will come second to the bottle of wine that will be waiting for me!! :roll: :wink: :lol:
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Glenn has been known to get a bucket and sponge out to try to remove all the bits of dead things splattered across the front of the overcab and windscreen, while on a camp site but only rarely, and only when it is more splatter than white 8)

We have been on some sites that have signs forbidding the washing of vans whilst on site :lol: :lol:

Having re-read my original post, I realise how badly I have explained my question....fortunately this is due to the fine bottle of Aussie red i have been exploring, something that happens FAR more regularly than MH cleaning!

I have never felt the need to wash / clean while away, but we are heading to the continent for much longer than usual this summer......still have no intention of doing so on site, but do most of you wait until you return home to clean (plus the fly management as you go!), do you risk a jet wash "en route", or do you have any other secrets I should know about?

rest assured, there are plenty more bottles of wine to be investigated, and as we intend to use the France Passion as much as possible while there, I fully expect to have a homegrown exo-skeleton on the luton before long! So don't worry, if you do bump into us soon you won't be spending the night "at the carwash".

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We were told never to use a jet wash on our van in case it damaged any of the seals around the panels of the bodywork, lockers, roof etc.

Last year we went away touring for 8 weeks, the van had a thorough wash and polish before we left, and apart from the front getting de-splattered every now and then no other cleaning was done to the outside.

It was a very mucky van which pulled up on our drive at the end of the holiday, complete with lovely black streaks down the back after a nice rain shower washed all the dirt off the top for us :roll:
Still it gave Glenn something to do while I tackled all the other post holiday chores :lol:

Hello again Timotei!

You've got me feeling envious now. I need a drink! I'll say I'm practising for next week!

Seriously, wash enough to stay legal, worry about the rest when you get home. :roll: :wink:
If you are really worried about your vans' exterior, a lot of garages (especially the larger ones used by long haul lorry drivers ) have vehicle wash areas. I always give the windscreen a quick wash whilst at those filling stations which have the facilities by the pumps.

But why worry, cleaning is a chore to be done at home, don't worry about it whilst away.
We gave ours a thorough clean and wax at home last year but it was looking decidedly grubby until Maggie got to work at Southsea last week,
verbally ecouraged by our fellow Ralliers!!

Photos courtesy of LadyJ


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I find the sight of a man with a bucket and a sponge washing down his van each evening rather sad. Dangerous too; my other half knocked off the "i" of our "Multijet" logo when removing dead flies. I told him it wasn't a good idea but they were several centimetres thick on the bodywork and beginning to affect the fuel consumption.

If- and a big if- we find van washing facilities on a site then we have been known ( well, twice ) to wash the van as we have no way of doing it at home. Other than that it is a case of clean windscreen, mirrors and lights. There was a tip on here some time ago which suggested that covering the vulnerable bits of the van with cling film made getting flies of easy !

There is a smashing area attrezziata in Modena ( CamperClub Mutina) which has the full monty; dedicated space, hoses, brushes, moveable platform and it is all free. There is also a proper van motorhome wash at the supermarket close to Camping les Sabots at Azay le Rideau. Could we resist ?

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I never bother cleaning on site but have been known to have a sneaky wash in a garage if she is really filthy. I've just finished waxing Tincan today and I am completely knackered. What I need to know is; How do you wax the underside of the cab over the windscreen? It has a spot that I can't reach, you know, just like that bit of your back you cant scratch and it has me all contorted and ready for my cot.

I am starting to get concerned about this very question now. Being a fulltimer what do I do?

Use Miracle Dry Wash.

No water, no bucket, no sponge, just a spray and micriofibre cloths
Just ask the camp kommandant if there is a place on site where you can give your tardis a quick wash. It normally works no problem.
I concur - always ask, some sites actually state in their rules that you cannot wash or service your vehicle whilst on site. I would say etiquete would be ask first! lol!


Most sites will not allow the washing of a "unit". I think the norm is to clean the front screen and lights etc.

To remove the flies and so on, I have an old sponge that I have wrapped up in torn up bits of net curtain - a bridal outfit would do too. The net curtain is soft enough so as not to scratch the motorhome, and yet strong enough to get the dead insects of with little effort.

well i must be the only one who keeps a nice clean van, i wash mine about two times a week, ill wash it on site, or any where its dirty, can't have all them dead fly's all over the front or them black streaks running down the sides, pay thousands of pounds and let it get dirty, not me governor.dennis
cleaning bugs from m/h

If your really bothered Turtle wax do a BUG and TAR remover works a treat just spray on leave for a little while and wipe the beasties off with a rag :p
Few battlescars makes you a seasoned traveller rather than newbie.
roamingsue said:
Few battlescars makes you a seasoned traveller rather than newbie.
i think it makes you look like a *****. dennis
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