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MHs under 5000 Euros?? Is it possible? Help!!

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Hi all.

We're two students from Ireland, and we are obsessed with the idea of buying a used Motorhome, even though we do not really have proper funds... :cry:

After a few very unfriendly replies and telephone calls with German used MH dealers, our hopes to find somebody reliable and trustworthy to sell us a nice-ish, old MH has sunken dramatically... :roll:

Has anybody a recommendation for dealers offering used MHs in the price range of up to 5000 Euro? Help!

Thanks a lot,
Lotta & Trish
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Hi there Lotta & Trish. the main issue with that kind of budget is finding something that's not been to the moon & back & had all manner of kids, smokers, & wildlife in!!

It's a bit of a gamble but the best value for money would be to buy privately, but really you need to take someone with you who knows what they're looking at. I've recently seen old Autotrails on Mercs & Autosleepers on Talbot/Peugeot chassis knocking about for sale, but none for that sort of money.
I would suggest that the chances are whatever you get will need a bit of work doing to it, unless you are very lucky. Have a look on caravan finder & Caravan trader for possible options as a place to start

Best of luck
Motorhomes under 5,000 euros

We bought our motorhome from in Germany. They had a lot of very reasonable vans but I could not vouch for the condition etc.

If you look at and put in exactly your requirements - ask it to be in English! - and you may find something there - we enjoy looking just for the fun of it!!

Best of luck
cheap motorhomes Alkoven

This will give you an idea of what I mean - Frankia are very good, well built motorhomes.

Hi Lotta & Trish welcome to the forum,
The question is do you actually have 5,000 euros ? if so I might be able to help as I have contacts in the trade and know of a couple of nice ones at the moment.

Thanks so much for all your replies and sorry for our late post now.

Well, as I am speaking German myself (am from Germany originally) we would have an advantage there as we can discuss with the seller in German... 8) But we are a bit conscious of buying from private, as we both dont know anything about MHs and engines etc., and dont have anybody who could come with us to look at them.

Anyway, what would be the main things to look out for when buying a MH from private?

Thanks a lot for the links, will check them out now... :D

Lotta & Trish
Hi lotta,
from my experience in Germany , you will not easily find what you need. Most dealers will not have anything over 5 years old on the lots.

I would suggest you look at as a starting point and see what that turns up.
Secondly, there is a very good article in this months MMM magazine on vans for sale under £5000 sterling and this is a very informative article which might also help you.

I would echo previous posts, be careful buying private particularly in this case when you are looking for an older van


Are you after a motorhome with all bells and whistles or a simple campervan with most of the bells and whistles? Also how long do you require it for and for what purpose. I have rcently bought a campervan (converted 1994 Transit) for about £2.5k, there are plenty of vans around in this price range. Ours is very nicely converted and we've only had do do a little bit of fixing up to get it through the MOT. We bought ours privately off eBay but has a lot on there as kiwis/aussies are contantly buying and selling campervans for their European tours. There are also quite a few on Not sure if any of these are relavant for Ireland though...

Something we found when purchasing is that often getting insurance for vans older than 20 years and breakdown cover for those older than 15 is quite hard and potentially very expensive.

Anyway, we will be travelling round Europe for three months and then selling it. If that's what you require your motorhome for then there are plenty of vans out there, especially at the end of summer :)
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hi lotta/trish,
checked out ebay? there is this here
it's at your price, a hymer and a mercedes, what more could you want? :roll: :lol:
Hi saw this post a few days ago and couldnt find it to respond.

Try there are quite a number of good vans in your price range.

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