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Mini Printer

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I am trying to locate a Mini Printer (A4), suitable to use with a Laptop in a MH. I saw one sometime back about the size of a Large paperback book and made by Canon. Can anyone out there point me in to right direction or make any suggestions ?
Hovis :?
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Hi Hovis,

I looked for a Canon Bubblejet A4 size for quite a while but they're like hens teeth.
HP make a compact printer but it was ridiculously expensive. Think it was over £160.

I ended up buying an Epson photo printer at a car boot for £5 and using cheap photo paper - £1 for 25 sheets if I needed to print text and the added benefit of photo printing if required. Downside is it's only 6"x4". Got a new ink cartridge on the Internet for £13 and recently picked up another Epson one along with 3 packs of genuine Epson photo paper at another car boot for under a tenner.

I also bought a Canon Pixma for £20 at Tesco and it's still in the box unopened. It's an A4 text and photo printer but a good bit bigger.

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I actually have a compact canon from around 2002 in the loft somewhere! Not as small as the A4 book size but I used to use it as an on-site printer when I worked in the conference industry.

Just a heads up for you lot. When you buy on size, check out the price of the cartridges and whether or not they are refillable at, say, Cartridge World. The Canon wasn't bad but it could rattle through ink at a fair old rate and the genuine cartridges were very pricey.
Hi Hovis

Having sat in Hotel rooms night after night printing reports, I soon realised that, with portable printers, you only get what you pay for. The HPs are top of the range, I have had a '450' (I think now replaced by the 460) for quite a few years and has worked out to be the cheapest option over time. I would never again buy a Cannon/Epson/etc....

It has a battery pack built in so you can use it off-power, A4 down to photo, Cartridges available everywhere and they are a decent size - again cost-effective.

Cheers, roger

I presume you mean a battery powered printer. Can I ask what you want it for? Is it for printing one off invoices, colour pictures or lots of text. I can have a word with our wholesalers and see whats on offer if I know your requirements. The earlier post was right you need to think about the price of consumables. I work in IT and often work from the van but I have to say I have never needed a printer. Any pictures, invoices or letters are emailed.

I have both the canon BJ85 and a HP 1400 series. I have refilled the small cartridges on the canon but now prefer to use the HP for printing and use the scanner facility on the canon BJ85. I do refill the HP cartridges also so scanning and printing in the MH is very convenient. If there is no need for a scanner (you can always take a photo) then the HP1400 series is fairly compact but is not a proper photo printer. However it can print photos of a decent quality but not using photo ink they will fade over time. The photos if really needed can always be printed at a lab or using a home photo printer . To sum it all up buy the HP :)
Canon Pixma iP100 with Battery printer. I have this canon it is the business
John Lewis with lithium battery £275 but worth every penny. Very fast
exceptional photo quality prints. Battery lasts me a month per charge. The cartridges are reasonably priced. Great hardy compact unit would definitely recommend.
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