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Hi chrisgog

We have an A/S Luxor EB (end bed) - 1 year now

Very satisfied with it. What would you like to know.

It's nice to be able to get totally rata***d and just fall into a made up bed - or fall out of it if you sleep in the double above the cab without the safety net.

Seriously, they have everything you could possibly need as standard.

We added a Thatcham cat 1 Toad - Becker Sat Nav and a reversing camera which has proved absolutely invaluable when reversing at night into tight spaces.

57 Posts
Ok lets take it one at a time

The drop down bed works on hydraulics and can be moved with one hand - sort of.

It is also more comfortable in our van anyway than the rear one.

The engine is not overly noisy - sound proffing is fairly good.

It has a 2.8 TDi diesel and will sit on the motorway at 85 if you want it to - dont recomend it though - fuel drops fairly rapidly.

On average getting 35 mpg.

As we had three other cars already on the road i had to take insurance from scratch.

The only company that i could find that would touch anything over £35K was Saga.

No quibble no special items required not even security but the full years premium at zero no claims discount was £1300.

Dropped this year on year 2 to £900

Road tax is as for a car.

The luxor has the added advantage of a built in Generator run on LPG so you effectively have three cylinders and power wherever you go.

I do think the Luxor is a bit pricey but to be quite honest the build quality is certainly worthy of the price.

Air con - fridge freezer - generator - expelair - smoke alarm - 2 x double beds - shower - toilet - wash basin - 4 ring cooker with grill and oven - gas central heating - electric emersion - captains chairs - 2 x table surfaces with three different fixed layouts for the small circular one - all this as standard.

The tv ariel is crap - we bought a three pole extension for a normal arial and attach it to the top of the ladder at the rear with hand grips - works a treat.

I have written a full colour manual with photos as the one that A/S supplied didn't give half the detail required to operate the van with no experience.

The learning curve has been steep.

A lot of questions were answered from this site - Thanks Guys and Gals.

Have i missed anything?
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