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Hi everyone

I think I may have discovered the solution to expensive mobile phone calls from abroad - I hope. I'll be interested to hear if anyone else has tried this one.

I just bought a "Riiing" international sim which claims to work in virtually any country to give you cheap calls (0.39 Euro/min) from anywhere to anywhere together with free incoming calls in about 60 countries. This saves the cost of ringing home on roaming rates and means that you can afford to answer the phone when abroad without incurring the 90p or more reverse charge.

The mobile number allocated is a Leichtenstein (excuse the spelling) number so of course it costs a little more for the folks back home to contact you but taken overall the savings can be significant. I had a breakdown in a hire car in Germany last year and incurred over £40.00 call charges on my UK mobile due to the recovery company calling me to give advice and ascertain exactly where I was.

I can't vouch for its performance overseas yet but I just installed the sim and it seems to work OK in this country. Details can be found on but don't pay their price if buying one. I got mine from a chap who sells on Ebay for a good bit less - do a search on riiing.

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