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Mobile Phones in France and Italy

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Last time I went to France I spent a lot of money making calls on my mobile to book campsites etc. Does anyone know if you can buy a cheap pre-paid SIM card in France to put inot an O2 phone and use that instead? And, if so, is it cheaper than the ridiculous roaming prices O2 want to charge me?

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have used above as pay as you go for last 5 years worked in kenya france america etc about 25p a minute in france
Make certain that your O2 phone is not locked to that company and then you can go for the cheapest SIM card in town.

We have an old unlocked mobile that we keep in the van and that will take any card we buy.

Vodaphone are doing a summer deal: they are not charging 'Roaming'. All calls both received and made from Europe are at local UK rate. Just have to set up 'Passport'. This is for both pre-paid (PAYG) and post-paid (contract). So, buy a PAYG Sim, make sure your phone is unlocked and away you go. Calls from a PAYG will be charged at 20p per minute. If you have contract you can use you free minutes. I am in sunny Spain right now and it is great being able to phone home without such huge costs.


I went to France this year - I walked into a mobile phone shop and bought a French Sim card for 15 euros which came with 5 euros of credit, and I put it in my old Nokia phone which I took with me. It was Orange.

I could therefore make French calls cheaply and also I could receive calls from the UK (with people calling the cheap numbers first) for free, and thus have nice long chats.

I used my UK mobile to receive and send texts.

I did the same in Spain (took out French Sim and put in Spanish SIM).
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