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Decided to look at MHF on my lunch hour at work (this no problem however I never log in as I dont want people to know my nick Etc)

I was slightly perturbed to find that I as "anonymous" could view peoples profiles. Pity that that isn't kept for members only as it may encourage people to join along with helping peoples privacy.

I wonder what others think?

Please take this as a comment not a criticism

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Hi Jana

Yes - I agree with you. It isn't something I had thought of before but if profiles were available to registered members only it would be an added incentive to join as well as being a barrier to the occasional malicious surfer. It's like anti-theft devices on M/Hs, they will never prevent the determined thief from getting in but they deter the casual vandal and encourage them to go elsewhere.


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hmmm the profile doesnt have anything of interest to anyone though.

The only things that people can see is your name, how many posts u have done etc, they cant access your email address ?

I have just switched the members_list over to registered members view only though :)
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