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Well been a mega busy week for me,

The hard drive is back with us, well a new hard drive with the old data anyways.
There is some missing stuff but none of it is relevant to MHF :)

Thats the good news :)

Stuart is now beavering away trying to script the transfer of users from old site to the new site, this is very complex and just plain awkward as it needs to be done so that any existing users on this site are unaffected and at the same time import non duplicate accounts. Don't worry though as this is all being done offline on a duplicate server running a copy of MHF. Once all testing is complete we will take the site offline for 15-20mins during slack time and import the accounts :)

The same goes for the forum posts, Stuart is going to script it so that the posts are imported but dont overwrite any of the existing posts on here. We are still at a crossroads about whether to attempt to match up users with posts before doing the import but only time will tell, either way the posts will be back ;)

I am recreating the databases for the following:-
accessory shops

most of these are fairly easy, with the exception of the campsites one as it is linked in to usernames and also we are finding it hard trying to locate the images associated with the campsites on the new drive (This is because the recovery process doesnt bring the data back in the same layout as it was on the old drive, it is basically all over the place !!!)
but hopefully with a little time all of the databases will be back in situ as before.

Like a phoenix MHF will prevail ;)

Oh and due to the large influx of PMs/Email etc the spellchecker facility should now be back in action in the forums as a little button to the right of the text box you enter your post info in :)

I have lots of work to do still, my major concern atm is the rally database isnt accepting new attendees and doing my head in, but i will get there :)

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Great news Dave.
I'm sure the users on here and those still to find their way back will reap the benefit of the hard work you and Stuart are doing to recover and make this data available to us.

Thank you both

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Seconded and all done for a bowl of soup and a crust of bread. Big thanks to Stuart who is beavering - and I shall be thinking of him all day now. 8O
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