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Morning all!

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Great to join you on this forum . Currently in Dieppe, France, and heading towards Orleans later this morning. I hope you all have a great day 馃檪
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Hi Sam and welcome

Tell us more about yourself, your unit and your trip.
Hi GMJ and thank you for the welcome!

My wife and I took early retirement and have put a 10-year plan into operation i.e. to travel as much as possible in our Adria Sonic while we still can. We definitely prefer the European environment and spend more of our travelling time in France and Spain - we have friends and relatives in those countries too.

This trip: Newhaven (UK) to Dieppe. Working our way south east towards B茅ziers, down into Spain as far as Alicante, then working our way northeast back into France and up the west coast back to Dieppe.

We are happy finding aires, along the way, for overnight stops. 'Camping-car Parks' ( seem to be clean and well-maintained, and have the added advantage of being able to check for spaces available online and in real time. We are currently parked up at Lailly-en-Valle just yards away from a large and beautiful lake. Le pain has just appeared through the door so I'm off for an early lunch 馃榾

The sun is bright and the sky is blue, and it is currently 19掳C outside. Looking forward to a couple of hours of pleasant laid-back driving this afternoon!

Have a good day 馃憤

(Pics taken last evening)
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Welcome to the forum Sam & Mrs Sam, hopefully your plan will extend after 10 years. Sounds as if you have made a good start.
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Sounds great Sam, the enthusiasm is oozing out of your posts! I'm at it 15yrs now and still absolutely love the life!
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Hi Sam

Sounds like you are all over it!

We attempt to have 3 trips across to the Continent a year for around 4 months across them. It takes some juggling with the Schengen allowances but is doable for us. We are currently on our way home from Sicily and have been in Siena for 2 nights. We usually have 2 months in Spain in winter (across Jan to March) and then also do a September trip. This year it'll be touring Belgium, Bavaria and some of northern France.
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