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MOT question :(

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Hi all,

JUST got the MH home back from the dealer after MONTHS and was in the process of packing up the van ready for the wedding nest week when some thing made me check the MOT expiry. Its right in the middle of our soddin honeymoon :evil:

Not wanting to make the drive ALL the way back to the dealers, can we get the Hymer MOT'd at a normal garage or is it different from a 'normal' vehicle?
Its a Hymer 564L if that helps.

Of course now its a panic to get it done :oops: It would have been nice if the dealer had thought to check before returning since they have had it for soo bloody long. Normally I would take full responsibility for remembering MOT but we have hardly had the thing in our possesion since buying 7 months ago. HUMPH!
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Most car MOT stations are not equipped to carry out MOTs on a vehicle such as a motorhome.
Try to contact your local commercial dealer or you could try your local council. Many councils have MOT facilities for their own vehicles and Taxis. I have also heard that the water companies often have facilities and our local BT garage does public MOTs. Also check where your local ambulances are MOT'd
what class vehicle is a motorhome?
Class 4, but normal 'car' class 4 MOT stations may not have facilities for large vehicles: it depends on the weight, but also the length and height of their ramps / workshop.

You may need to take it to a MO station equiped for Class 7 / commercial vehicle MOTs but it is still a Class 4 MOT for the motorcaravan.

Just reading the link from 'b16duv' and I see motorhomes are not included in the London 'Low Emission Zone' rules ............. Yet.

This low emission zone has sprouted a veritable forest of signs and paintwork. Someone is making money out of it all but I wonder if there will be any benifit to health in the long run due to the build up of heavy traffic crawling around stop, start streets.

Thank you for the replies, I have decided to take it back to the dealer to have the MOT done as I cant afford the chancen of the vehicle failing and then having to drive it to the dealer
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