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Hi Paul and welcome to MHF.

Have you thought long and hard about "storing" your van over winter ? Most of us don't; we use our vans all year long and indeed, winter is often the best time of the year.

If you are going to cover your van make sure what you buy is made of breathable fabric or you are going to get condensation problems. It must also be well-fitting so you don't get rubbing as it moves and, preferably, have a door so you can get in an check the inside without the hassle of removing the cover.

As to leaving a heater inside...there are disputes over this but the "proper" scientific answer- counter-intuitive for many however- is that you are better off without one as if you warm the inside of the van you will get condensation problems. I'd certainly not leave one in with the van covered and so limited ventilation.

When you do leave your van you ought to drain all the water systems, leave cupboards and internal doors open and upholstered cushions on edge to let air into the lockers below.

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