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:D Yo guys n gals, now we have fitted the swivel to the drivers seat, and sorted the bed, and know the engine will take us up hills, the loo will last over 4 days, (big loo little duetto!!!) and we (ok me can survive with only 3 - yeah i know i said 1 pair, but got away with three pairs of shoes yay only wore 2 out of the three tho!)
we might just fit an awning, and a
tow bar! but won't launch with the duetto, so were thinking of a mover for the jetski, we had one on the caravan, and know they do them for jetskies, any one got a cheap one for sale, cos i miss the jetski fun, and summer is coming nearer.....................
thanks in advance :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts