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Motorhome height and booking online

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Just been going through the internet to get best deal for our first trip to France. Although heading for the Loire decided to take the Dover crossing because it is so much cheaper. Was originally looking at Speedferries because of their prices but they do have the 2.0m width limit (including mirrors) which I hear they rigedly enforce, also could not get the £88 deal, was going to be £102 and limited times, basically they are fully booked.
So after using a couple of search engines ended up at Smartferries (Leisure Drive) and they came back with a price of £98 on P&O in June, however there is a height limit of 2.5m for online booking, surprising since they do list Motorhome as an option, so ended up having to call them, they came back to me an hour later with the same price. Looking at a few other sites many seem to have this height restriction, and with an AS Duetto ours isn't exactly big. Anyone else come across this ?
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Have just spent 2 days researching ferries across the irish sea. On all web sites I came across there was a height restriction of 2.5, however when I phoned there was no problem!! It is definitely annoying when trying to organise a trip outside of normal working hours or in the evening, which is the only time I get peace to do so, that you then have to wait until the next day and go other the whole thing again on the phone!!

So much for modern technology!!

Arizona :)
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