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Motorhome Servicing and Repairs in the Gtr. Manchester Area

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As any one got any recommendations for servicing and repair of Motorhomes. I need to get the motorhome in for the following:

1. I have a manual awning which is needs some attentions as the winding in as become uneven and as a result is not engaging in its housing in the correct manner.

2. Short story had the alternator replaced, now lost supply to the vehicle batt in the living quarters. Alternator charging the veh. batt ok ect. There appears to be a red wire left loose. But the guy who replaced it says connected it as it was?

3. The water pump free runs, which just might be air blockage, fitler, bad joint ect. But worth getting it looked at before it fails.

4. As I am not sure how long since the Gas appliances have been looked at. It be prudent to get them looked over.

So there you have it there a reputable outfit and can do it all or do I have to go to the different places for each problem

Have spoke to Glossop Caravans who cant do owt till end of May, and I got the impression they fob the work off to other people\specialist anyway.

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You could try North Western Caravans at Cheadle Hulme

telephone: 0161 486 6055
Fax: 0161 486 6755
Email: [email protected]


Cheshire Caravan Repairs

Greg Street Stockport mins away from Denton M67/M60 Interchange or Junction 1 or 27 of M60.

It is behind Dace Motors

As for North Western Caravans, witnessed some dire customer service in their showroom.

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I used this guy, he is from Sale.

Turned up on time and was supprised with the price, £50 for a full gas check but does everthing else too,

Alan Sinclair mobile motorhome engineer, 07838130354
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