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Motorhome Show Tickets NEC October

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Just looked at possibly pre-booking tickets for the above show.

It seems the only tickets availabe are £12.95 (advance price) day tickets or £22 tickets for the duration of the show.

Last year I was able to get 'old duffer' rates. and two day tickets.

Do they usually offer other types of tickets nearer the date, or are they changing it this year?

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Hi Paul
Dont think they would be much cheaper. Is £12.95 not cheap then?
Hi Chris

It was more about the choices really than the actual price.

Last year I was able to get a two day pensioner rate - OK so the pensioner rate was only slighter cheaper but it was a gesture, and I have always liked going for two days - first day just exploring, maybe second day for more serious looks or even decisions.

Maybe I am just a Show junkie :roll:

Have friends visiting from the Midlands who tell me that there are now many shows at the NEC when there is a parking charge.

Suspicious old me then looked at the website for the October Caravan & Motorhome Show, and I can find no reference to free parking, which I recall was always stated for previous shows.

It does say free shuttle buses, but it does not say 'Free Parking'.

Am I being paranoid here, or are they going to have a parking charge which will certainly nullify the good price for the 'any day' tickets?

Just been having a look as I'm not sure whether I'll go to this one, but after going through the NEC's website and selecting this show, it states 'Free Parking'
Go on the show website...

Red square "Book Now-get tkts on line"...... put in the code "TCC2" and you'll get em for £10.95p :wink: :lol: (plus 50p per booking-not per ticket)

and car parking IS free

there's no Oldies rate but there is a two day rate-at a similar reduction with the code.

(are you sure the oldies rate wasn't for the leisure show in Feb?)
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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