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Need a good Atlas for Western Europe

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Hi All

Anyone recommend a good Atlas for Western Europe that I can hopefully buy online or if someone wants to part with a recent one even better?

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An atlas with all the geo-political stuff etc, or a road map?

Former - Times and Readers Digest, latter, my experience has been to buy a specific one in-country. For example Michelin for France or ADAC (german automobile club) for Germany.

Sorry, that's my best effort!

Autoroute Europe if using a laptop.
Sorry I should have said road atlas

Just bought the Michelin road atlas for France from Amazon for £8.99 reduced from £11.99, and last year bought the Michelin Germany, which includes Austria, Switzerland and Czech republic at a good discount. They are often very expensive in French supermarkets.

Some people like the AA Europe atlases but I find they aren't so detailed.

Thanks for that, I will look at both
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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