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Need low-profile suggestions (for hire) to get us going...

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Still totally confused by the array of 'vans out there. So any suggestions (we'll hire before we buy). Here's my basic requirements (hopefully not too contradictory!)

0. for 2 people (partners)

1. low profile coachbuilt (the lower the profile the better; overcab's just look SO wrong)

2. bed; lets try looking for a fixed bed (double or 2xsingle); I'm 6'1" which means I need a good length; if that's going to be difficult then try non-fixed

3. washroom; need a usable shower; space must be classified as NOT being small or cramped. toilet similarly.

4. We want a make that is easily serviceable with not expensive parts (guess this means British coachbuilt)

and given the above, finally
4. 'van length short as possible

I hope this will give us a shortlist of less than 10 'vans so we can start doing some serious research. Thanks in advance! I'm also aware that we may hire a new 'van and then buy an older model.
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Take a look at the Swift Bolero 680fb.

Plenty to choose from, but have a look at a Dethleffs Summer Van 08 or 09.

Might fall down in the bed length though :(

Less than 6 metres, fixed rear bed, might do the job :D
Apart from length, my McLouis Tandy suits the bill.

Transverse fixed bed is great for me, I'm 6'2".

Bedroom/bathroom area separated from lounge/kitchen by door.

Totally separate bathroom and shower. Bathroom on the left, circular shower on the right.

Don't worry about 'British'. All the parts for all motorhomes appear to come from the same manufacturers, and I don't suppose many are British!!

I think Tandy 671 is the latest model. mine is three years old, done 46,000kms and has been perfect.

Don Amott - McLouis
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lifestyle said:
Take a look at the Swift Bolero 680fb.

Never managed find a non transverse bed long enough for me. All these lovely island bed models are the same. Firstly just not long enough and secondly they all seem to narrow at the end.

My transverse bed is longer than my king size at home.
1. Hymer Van 572.

2. Two fixed singles [real size] can convert to super king size!

3. Washroom... large enough... IMO very light... largest skylight I've seen in a truck

4. Very well made so you won't have to fix anything.

4.1 6.5m

5. Ford Chassis/Engine 32-36mpg and easy to get bits for.

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wilse said:
Very well made so you won't have to fix anything.
I assume you're having a laugh!! The Hymer section on here is full of problems.
Thinking of hiring a Hymer, either
(not sure what exact models these are)

BUT we have a dilema. I'm keen to try a fixed bed low-profile (as short as possible) but my better half doesn't like the gloomy/claustophobic dining area. I know what she means. She likes the openess/comfort of the rear loungers (e.g. Elddis 140 lo-line).

So it looks like it will come down to EITHER
fixed bed/gloomy and uncomfortable living/eating area OR
non-fixed bed rear lounge.

So, if there is a question, its just how much hastle is it to put up/down rear lounger beds? Cheers!

[EDIT: replaced 'van website images with my own]
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