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Nepal & India

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Any adventurous RVers out that game for a trip to Kathmandu. A small group leaves Istanbul in early December and travels through Iraq, Pakistan, India and wanders around all the wonders of that country. Travel back somke 5 months later is along the same route and ends up in Turkey in April just in time to enjoy the Turkish or Greek coasts.

Diesel will be cheap!
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Sounds great, is that with the silk route motorhome network?

Unfortunately some of us still have to endure that awful neccesity beginning with 'W'.
Maybe in 2 years though, who knows. :) :(

I would do it anytime, only one problem.

I don't have the backbone to try it :!:
hi all,
sounds good to me :p thought about this a few years back but would continue all the way to the far east and eventually Australia 8) , is this trip purely for motorhomes or could I use my "go anywhere motorbike" as a advanced recce party :roll:

now that would be a trip and a hell of a way to test the satnav, with plenty wildcamping on the road side and safety in numbers


ps: dont tell the wife " Iam just poping down the shops for a curry!!" :cry:
Making me envious, did it in one of the "magic buses" in '71 sleeping native and rough much of the time (thru Iran and Afganistan then Kyber pass to Pashaw then) have a great time. If anyone is doing it in 2/3 yrs time I would be interested again, can't do it til then (wife working you know!!)

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