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Not everyone is reading my home thread, more people might be interested in Netflix though.
I downloaded it on Monday and have been watching more of "Anne with an E" free of charge :grin2: (I was watching it at Heike´s). If I want to carry on with Netflix then after 30 days I start to pay 7.99€ a month.
"Anne with an e " is "Anne of Green Gables" . in case you didn´t know and I am thoroughly enjoying it, better than all the blood and guts and fantasy stuff Netflix has.
I have never read the book and didn´t realise it all happens in Canada, but I bet there aren´t many who have never heard of the classic.
There are 3 prices for Netflix in this country, maybe the same everywhere I don´t know.


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Just finished watching the Bridgerton prequal. Excellent. As good as Bridgerton season 1 and better than season 2

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We watched a film on Netflix yesterday afternoon called Black Sea. Quite gripping as it goes.

We also finished the last episode of series 3 of Designated Survivor and have thoroughly enjoyed all 3 series. It's a shame that there are no plans for a 4th.
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We started a new series on Netflix last night called SWAT. It's a crash, bang American thing: 50 minutes of bubble gum escapism per episode by the looks.
We finished watching Treason on Netflix last night. Only 5 episodes long and pretty good viewing we thought.
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We watched a film on Netflix yesterday afternoon called The Last Full Measure. A true story about Vietnam and the pursuit of a posthumous medal of honour for a medic. Good cast and a good film we thought.
We started a new series to us on Netflix the other night called National Treasure. It's a 4 parter and has an excellent cast (the late Robbie Coltrane is in it), and deals with issues post Saville/Harris et al. It's been good viewing so far.
We watched a film on Netflix yesterday afternoon as we had bad weather. Called The Foreigner, it was a fast moving story about the IRA and the death of a teenager and her fathers quest for revenge. Good viewing for a couple of hours, we thought.

We also started a new series called Kiri, starring Sarah Lancashire it's about a social worker and the death of a child under her care. It's a 4 parter I think.
AS we stopped Netflix we tried to watch something on Plex. But apart from our crap internet speed both the films we tries were in French. Tried changing all the 'settings' into English but somehow Plex decided as we have a French IP address they were offering us French films.

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Just finished watching the first season of "The last of us" last night. Trailer below. I know what your thinking. Just another post-apocalyptic walking dead type series but its not. Well it kind of is but its way more than that. From the creators of Chernobyl its a really good story and the acting sets it apart. Most of all from Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones child star) and also Pedro Pascal (Narcos). I reckon Bella is going places. She is brilliant in this. Its Sky Atlantic though not Netflix (HBO). HBO Stuff is usually pretty good.

Feel good drama its not although it has its moments.

We've also just finished Last of Us and really enjoyed the sometimes complex storylines.
At first we also thought it would another horror like the Walking Dead, which we watched until Lucille was introduced(those who know will know)
But it was much better and I recommend you watch beyond the first limb getting torn off.
Episode 3 was so well written.
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Just struggled through two hours of "Traffic" on Plex.
Great cast with Michael Douglas, Katherine Zeta Jones and Albert Finney. Recommendation, don't bother.

We started watching Superstore on Netflix as a replacement comedy for Bad Education which we finished watching. Despite misgivings about many US comedies it's actually rather funny and doesn't have canned laughter either.
Harry Potter and Phil the officers stone.
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