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Not everyone is reading my home thread, more people might be interested in Netflix though.
I downloaded it on Monday and have been watching more of "Anne with an E" free of charge :grin2: (I was watching it at Heike´s). If I want to carry on with Netflix then after 30 days I start to pay 7.99€ a month.
"Anne with an e " is "Anne of Green Gables" . in case you didn´t know and I am thoroughly enjoying it, better than all the blood and guts and fantasy stuff Netflix has.
I have never read the book and didn´t realise it all happens in Canada, but I bet there aren´t many who have never heard of the classic.
There are 3 prices for Netflix in this country, maybe the same everywhere I don´t know.


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Looks like a good watch, already watching the fall.
Seen Silk, and George Gently, not the others are they of the same type?
Get a plumber Gerty.
Californication is a good watch, a bit graphic in parts, but funny.
As the topic is Netflix, that is where my stuff is shown Gert.
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Hmm, well that's a bit rubbish innit girl.
Probably my favourite show of all time. Hank Moody is my role model. :D

Seen it all three times.

I did a few covers from random songs from that show and sons of anarchy. That's a goodUn but pretty grim at times.
Try "Rake" it's in a similar vane but ozzy.
I watched Venom last night on Netflix, good film, alian invasion, if you watch it, when the credits come up don't switch off, scroll through the credits and there is a bit more, when that ends scroll through again and you get a spiderman cartoon.
Don't be winding her up, that's my job Terry.
Men just do one thing but we do it properly>:)
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everything dear, just one at a time :D :D
Hmm, looks innerestin Gert

Looks a bit soppy, but put it down for a look.
Californication might not be for you Gert, clue in the title.
It's amusing in it's own way.
Not my kind of thing at all Gerty.
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How do you stop Netflix from showing stuff you've only watched a little bit of in the continue watching list?
I put down the laptop or what ever I am doing, and put on the TV anytime after 4pm, usually about 5pm, but I do watch a hell of a lot of YouTube videos during the day in between other things, some have terrible music in them ;) ;)
And my partner is---- Motley? I don´t want to do any virtual holding I need flesh and blood to hold, preferably tall, handsome and most of all young and fit, there´s a lot of work to do here :grin2:
Hmm, but why handsome GertRUDE?
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