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Not everyone is reading my home thread, more people might be interested in Netflix though.
I downloaded it on Monday and have been watching more of "Anne with an E" free of charge :grin2: (I was watching it at Heike´s). If I want to carry on with Netflix then after 30 days I start to pay 7.99€ a month.
"Anne with an e " is "Anne of Green Gables" . in case you didn´t know and I am thoroughly enjoying it, better than all the blood and guts and fantasy stuff Netflix has.
I have never read the book and didn´t realise it all happens in Canada, but I bet there aren´t many who have never heard of the classic.
There are 3 prices for Netflix in this country, maybe the same everywhere I don´t know.


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And yet over 100 years later there is still debate/controversy about BLM......................of course ALM,any fool knows that.
But I reckon if you (or your ancestors) start off as a slave,the property of another person, then its a different journey that needs appreciating in its own right.
Jan are you telling us that you have never seen Rainman or A Fish called Wanda.
Now I know you started this thread(and really seem to keep it going)but you need to rethink your viewing habits............I dread to think what else you will mention that you have never seen.
Remember in the old days when there were 3 or 4 big films each year and everybody had seen them. Same as TV series (and only 3 channels) Everybody had seen everything...............reminds me of Patrick Stewart in Extras.............. of course I've seen everything
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We've also just finished Last of Us and really enjoyed the sometimes complex storylines.
At first we also thought it would another horror like the Walking Dead, which we watched until Lucille was introduced(those who know will know)
But it was much better and I recommend you watch beyond the first limb getting torn off.
Episode 3 was so well written.
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